Biomass boilers

Industrial boilers

More and more entrepreneurs, when high-power boilers have to be used, decide for ecological reasons to fit biomass boilers. This is also due to the low operating costs of this equipment and simple operation. High-power biomass boilers are fuelled automatically from fuel stores, which reduces the workload involved in operating the equipment. The biomass used for combustion in industrial boilers is wood chips or pellets. The pellets can be delivered in a tanker and then stored in specially prepared rooms or tanks and silos. The transport of the fuel to the boiler is carried out by fuel feeding systems, which makes it adaptable to any technological system, even if the fuel store is far away from the boiler room. Woodchips are delivered to the fuel store by wheeled transport, and then transported to the boilers by mechanical feeders.

The automated process of transporting fuel from storage to large biomass boilers mirrors the operation of a large gas boiler plant. It combines low cost of energy production with ecology and largely automatic operation of the heating equipment.

Biomass boilers are characterised by failure-free operation. In industrial boilers, two-burner systems are used, whose operation is controlled by separate, independent automatics. This enables the boiler to operate with great flexibility and wide power modulation. Their installation is simplified and the dimensions of the equipment are reduced. Biomass boilers no longer need to form cascades and occupy large spaces or have several independent fuel handling systems. Industrial boilers are often equipped with self-cleaning systems, e.g. automatic cleaning of the exchanger, burner and automatic ash removal, which, combined with automated fuel transport, reduces the workload in the boiler house to a minimum. Such solutions are offered by Heiztechnik products.

What should industrial boilers feature?

Above all, high performance and efficiency, automatic operation, trouble-free operation and low operating costs. Often entrepreneurs are faced with a difficult choice – which boiler to choose: gas, oil or perhaps a biomass boiler. The answer is dictated by ecology – biomass boilers do not contribute to degradation of the natural environment, and this is currently the most important issue. A second thought often comes to mind: biomass boilers and their efficiency. This often bothers entrepreneurs: are they efficient and effective enough? The answer is yes – they are – this is confirmed by hundreds of industrial boiler fittings performed year after year. Biomass boilers operate with an efficiency of up to 90%. Wood biomass can be purchased at reasonable prices and a kilogram of dry biomass contains at least 15MJ of thermal energy. The ash from the biomass fuel burned can be used as fertiliser for agricultural crops.