Second edition of the CLEAN AIR programme

A few words about the Clean Air Programme

The Clean Air Programme is a project which focuses on the pursuit of replacing heat sources. If you switch into ecological boiler or heat pump, you can receive really high subsidies. The programme was created for natural persons and owners of single-family buildings. They can access funds to replace old, non-ecological furnaces with modern ones, certified and meeting the requirements established by the Minister of Development and Finance. If you seek a subsidy to replace the boiler, submit a paper or electronic application to the Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

The amount of grant that can be accessed under the programme

The programme in question is not just a subsidy for replacing furnaces, but a whole undertaking aimed at changing Poles’ habits. This can be seen by examining the amount of subsidies which can be obtained under this programme. The basic subsidy programme may earn subsidies up to PLN 25 000 when replacing a heat source with a heat pump. Slightly less, that PLN 20 000, can be accessed when replacing a boiler with an ecological one. An additional PLN 5 000 is within reach if one also implements photovoltaics (in both cases). For thermomodernization without replacing the heat source, you can get even PLN 10 000. In the case of the extended programme, the amounts may increase from PLN 5 000 (replacing a boiler and thermo-modernisation) to even PLN 7 000 (replacing the heat source with the most ecological solution, that a heat pump).

Changes to the programme

The second round of the programme runs from May 2020. It is worth knowing that along with its launch, new assumptions have also come into force, which include: easier receipt of grants thanks to a simplified process of awarding them:

  • the application may be submitted online or on paper,
  • simplifying the existing proposal,
  • a reduction in the time taken by the competent authorities to process the application to 30 days,
  • financing also for projects already underway,
  • integration with municipal programmes,
  • integration into My Electricity programme,
  • bank subsidies may be granted,
  • możliwość otrzymania dotacji bankowych,
  • additional benefits for beneficiaries opting for heat pumps and photovoltaics,
  • grants for thermomodernisation of PLN 10,000 and PLN 15,000.

No doubt, the Clean Air Programme is by all means worthwhile. First, it will help take care of the planet and reduce the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere. Second, it will help reduce electricity and heating bills. Third, it will allow you to replace some technical systems with more modern and efficient ones at a low cost to yourself.

Products participating in the programme