Pellet burners

Pellet burners

Nowadays, more and more restrictions concerning the emission of fumes into the atmosphere make ecological heating solutions obligatory. For an owner of an obsolete overn which they would like to replace, but it is too expensive, pellet burners can be used.

Rapid furnace retrofitting

If you want to modernise your oven fast, connecting it to a pellet burner is the simplest solution. Once the burner is connected, the operation of the obsolete oven becomes economical and, above all, comfortable. Pellet is a very ecological fuel, it burns very cleanly, so you do not have to worry about exhaust emission standards.

The opellet burners we deliver are the most modern solutions on the market. The burner works automatically, draws fuel from the tank, which is sufficient to fill up with fuel from time to time, and in principle, you can forget about them. The controller manages the automatic operation of the burner, selects the appropriate dose of fuel for combustion, and hence the temperature is maintained at the right level.

Thanks to the application of unique structural solutions in our burners, you may achieve much higher efficiency, and thus more energy will be transferred to the heating system, while reducing heat loss.

Another important improvement is the use of mechanical cleaning of the burner. During the combustion of pellets, ash and so-called sludge is produced. Thanks to the use of an automatic scraper, the offered pellet burners are able to remove the contamination on their own, which makes their maintenance much easier.