A high-power feeder boiler for burning eco-pea coal.

A high-power feeder boiler for burning eco-pea coal.

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Q MAX EKO feeder boiler – automatic high-capacity coal boiler. The boiler is equipped with a cast-iron retort burner with an integrated worm fuel feeder. It can be equipped with 1 or 2 independent burners. The combustion process is controlled by weather-compensated automatics.

Depending on the capacity, the boiler can be equipped with two independent burners with controllers. The boiler features high efficiency and may be operated in very simple manner. As standard, the boiler is equipped with HT-tronic® 750 weather-compensated control unit with a colour display for intuitive operation of the device with the operation of boiler, central heating, mixing valve and DHW pump, with an optional connection of room thermostat and valve thermostat.

Automatics can be retrofitted with additional MZ-2 modules. The controller allows an Internet module to be mounted. The automatics enables protection of return temperature by controlling the boiler pump. The boiler can be equipped with systems for automatic ash removal and pneumatic cleaning of the exchanger.

Rated power kW 520 600 750 / 850 / 950
Power range kW 150-520 180-600 Available on request
Max. operating temperature oC 85 85
Water capacity L 2150 2600
Minimum chimney draught Pa 50 52
Technological connection Dn100 Dn100
Flue connection mm 400 400
Weight of boiler kg 5070 5850
Number of furnaces pcs 2 2
Storage capacity m3 1+1 1+1
Boiler width cm 147 147
Body depth cm 295 345
Body height cm 217 217
Height to the centre of the flue cm 186 186
Height of return spigot cm 35 35

HT-tronic 750

Weather-compensated controller of high power feeder boilers. This controller is an equipment of Q MAX EKO GL and Q MAX EKO boilers
  • ikona POMPA
    Boiler pump
  • ikona POMPA
    CH pump
  • ikona POMPA
    DHW pump
  • ikona POMPA
    Mixing valve pump
    Mixing valve
    Weather-compensated control
  • ikona TERMOSTAT
    Colour display
    Modulated boiler operation
  • ikona HT LOGIC III
    HT Logic
HT-tronic 750

Automation extension modules

HT-tronic MK
  • Cascade automation,
HT-tronic Master
  • Independent automatic heating circuit,
HT-tronic M-Z2
  • Valve module,
  • Valve pump,
  • Mixing valve,
  • Weather-compensated control,
  • Thermostat,
HT-tronic M-BC
  • Buffer pump,
  • Circulation pump,
HT-tronic Rooms
  • Wired remote control panel with room thermostat,
HT-tronic Rooms Wireless
  • Wireless remote control panel with room thermostat,
HT-tronic TPP
  • Room thermostat – wired,
HT-tronic TPB
  • Room thermostat, wireless with weekly programme,
HT-tronic TPB – APP
  • Room thermostat with a weekly programme – directly with a wireless APP mobile application,
HT-tronic OPS Lambda
  • iPell combustion optimiser with Lambda probe,