Find out why as a designer you can trust the Heiztechnik brand

Why Heiztechnik?

Heiztechnik brand heating equipment is a complete answer to the requirements of designers. We offer assistance at every stage of design in the form of a large number of design materials and technical and commercial support. What makes our range of heating systems outstanding is a wide variety of devices that can be adapted to the individual needs of the building you design.

Wide choice
of heating equipment

We have a full range of modern heating equipment – from heat pumps to pellet, coal, woodchip and straw boilers. We have equipment ranging from 5 to 7000 kW, so we can offer the optimum solution you need.

Tailored offer

Heiztechnik boilers can be configured and assembled to match your special needs. Tailor-made design boiler automatics meets the needs of your building. We equip boilers and boiler houses with individually designed systems for fuel feeding, ash removal and pneumatic cleaning of the burner and exchanger.

Top quality
and safety

All Heiztechnik heating devices meet the latest quality standards and legal regulations for this type of equipment. They stand out by high quality of operation and at the same time by low emission of pollutants, thanks to which they have been included in the list of devices for subsidy programmes: CLEAN AIR and THERMOMODERNIZATION.

A buoyant development path for our technologies

For 10 years Heiztechnik has been a forerunner and leader on the Polish market of heating devices in the field of modern solutions ensuring the highest quality, utility and aesthetic standards and exceeding restrictive, pro-ecological legislation at home and all over Europe.