Meet Heiztechnik

Heiztechnik was founded by two young Polish engineers in the first decade of the 21st century. The company was established thanks to the passion and consistency of its founders, driven by the ambition to produce the best heating devices in Poland. Today Heiztechnik is a modern plant, which gathers people focused on continuous development and improvement. The owners and employees are strongly determined to construct and produce the best heating solutions for retail consumers and industrial facilities. The equipment which meets very strict ecological requirements, has very high efficiency and provide for our closest living environment.

Our potential

The potential of Heiztechnik is attested by the range of the manufactured heating devices, which is probably the widest range of heating devices among all manufacturers in Poland (from 3,9 kW to 7 MW). Our cornerstone values include competence, professionalism and reliability towards our Partners. Our ambitions have not changed – we wish to continue as the industry leader in Poland with the widest range of the most modern and effective heating devices tailored to the individual needs of our customers – which is defined by our company mission:

We are committed to providing our customers with the most innovative, environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions to ensure warmth in the home and clean air.

The best and most recent confirmation of the application of the above motto are our newly implemented heat pumps with operating parameters comparable with the best devices available on the European market. It is the latest product of our personnel.

Company management

When Heiztechnik was established in 2000s, we commenced with the production of two types of boilers. Today, our product range includes a wide range of heating devices, which are very popular in Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Greece, Russia and Hungary. We are constantly developing new solutions to ensure that our products meet customer needs and environmental protection requirements.

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Zdzisław Kulpan President of the Management Board
Radosław Siłkowski Deputy President of the Management Board
Company history

Production Company Heiztechnik is a state-of-the art plant, which produces heating boilers for solid fuels burning with power from 3.9 kW to 7 MW, heat pumps and other heating devices. The production takes place in modern production facilities with the technologically advanced machinery; laser steel cutting equipment, numerically controlled press brakes and robotised welding stations.