Find out why as a retail customer you can trust the Heiztechnik brand

Why Heiztechnik?

Boilers produced by Heiztechnik are distinguished by modernity and innovation. Their main advantages include autocontrol of the combustion process, high automation, very low flue gas emission, economical fuel consumption, aesthetic design and high quality of workmanship. Our product range includes a wide range of heating devices. Heating boilers differ from each other in structure, size, appearance and functionality, so they can be perfectly matched to the needs of your home.

User experience
and time saving

The boilers are individually programmed, intuitive and easy to operate. They are constructed in such a way that they work for a long time without any interference. Thanks to the application of the system of automatic firing up, fuel feeding and automatic ash removal, the boiler operation is limited to the necessary minimum. All this influences the comfort of their use and significantly reduces the time of service.

Economical way
for space heating

Boilers also contribute to considerable financial savings. A high degree of automation of the heating processes and the type of fuel used in the boilers makes combustion highly efficient. The boilers are equipped with HT-Logic III autoregulation which automatically adjusts working parameters and modulates the burner power depending on the boiler temperature, which results in a significant reduction of fuel consumption. The economics of the boilers is also due to the weather-compensated automation fitted in them, which increases the thermal comfort of heated rooms while reducing fuel consumption.

Environmentally friendly boilers
for people and the environment

The boilers feature low flue gas emissions, meeting in every respect the restrictive legislation on reducing atmospheric pollution. They emit up to 90% less pollution than boilers that fail to meet these requirements. Thanks to their application you significantly contribute to the improvement of air quality, reducing the formation of obnoxious smog. The boilers meet the requirements of the 5th class and the EcoDesign regulation, thanks to which they are available in the support programmes CLEAN AIR AND THERMOMODERNIZATION.

The buoyant development path of our technologies - a timeline

For 10 years Heiztechnik has been a forerunner and leader on the Polish market of heating devices in the field of modern solutions ensuring the highest quality, utility and aesthetic standards and exceeding restrictive, pro-ecological legal regulations in the country and all over Europe.