Pellet boilers

Coal boilers, in which coal is the fuel, are increasingly being replaced by modern pellet boilers, fuelled by pellets produced from wood waste. This way of heating the house and heating water is a big step towards protecting the environment.

Our wide range includes technologically advanced pellet boilers that guarantee optimal space heating. Among the proposals, you can find the 5th class pellet boilers characterized by an elegant and modern silhouette, innovative solutions in the field of combustion technology, and reduction of harmful emissions resulting from the combustion process.

All available models are equipped with a burner, a fuel feeding system with a sufficient capacity for several days of operation. The boilers may be connected an additional hopper to increase the amount of pellets. The selection of fuel is made automatically through the process of HT- Logic III autoregulation, after programming the functions on the control panel of the appliance, and a clear display informs of the progress of the activated programmes.

Pellet boiler models of class 5 and EKO DESIGN

Pellet boilers manufactured by our company are characterised by a wide range of heating capacity – among the models available, you can find small boilers with compact dimensions and appropriate heating power, and also those able to produce heat on an industrial scale.

Recommended models include:One – one of the smallest boilers on the market with a capacity of 8 kW

  • boiler with 60 kW heating capacity
  • 450 kW pellet boiler

All pellet boilers in the Heiztechnik range have emission certificates, approvals and safety certificates for their use.