5th class pellet boiler

HT Daspell LuxGL pellet boiler. The boiler features a modern design. The structure is made in the form of a Heiztechnik flame exchanger. The boiler is equipped with a burner with a sludge scraper. The burner is fitted on the side of the boiler. The combustion process is controlled by weather automatics with HT-Logic III autocontrol for user-friendly operation.

The boiler structure is based on the Heiztechnik heat exchanger with high heat transfer efficiency. The boiler body has a separate heating column with a set of flame tubes and an optimised combustion chamber. The solutions applied result in very high thermal efficiency of the boiler and very low emissions. The boiler is encased with covers for an aesthetic appearance.

The boiler is equipped with a modern pellet burner PellHard PLUS with internal auger fuel feeder and automatic sludge scraper, activated cyclically from the controller, V-type floor, Omega-type air curtain. The burner is equipped with an automatic igniter and a photoelement for flame control. Patent Office of the Republic of Poland: Ru.069889 Ru.069890, Ru.069891.

The boiler automatics, apart from the burner operation,makes it possible to operate an advanced heating system in a weather-compensated mode using a mixing valve. By connecting additional HT tronic MZ II modules, you can control additional elements of the heating system. Touch remote control panel with a room thermostat ensures operation of the heating system for comfortable temperature of heated rooms.

The automation controls the burner operation modulating the power according to the boiler temperature and heat consumption demand. Operation in HT-Logic III mode, which is individually programmed for each boiler, automatically selects operating parameters and modulates the burner power depending on the boiler temperature. The automation is equipped with a large colour touch screen display and optionally with an internet module.

The boiler can be equipped with an additional fuel feeder which feeds fuel from a silo or bunker. HT Daspell LuxGL boiler meets the requirements for environmental protection and energy efficiency of the 5th class (the highest) as set out in the PN-EN 303-5:2012 standard. (*option)

Rated powerkW12152024
Power rangekW3,6 – 124,5 – 156 – 207,2-24
Max. working temperatureoC85858585
Water capacityL73738894
Min. flue draughtPa15151818
Maximum operating pressureBar2222
Technological connectionGZ 1GZ 1GZ 1 GZ1
Flue connectionmm150150150150
Weight of boilerkg358361382404
Tank widthcm60606060
Enlarged tank widthcm114114114114
Hopper volumedm3190190190190
Volume of the enlarged storage tankdm3400400400400
Boiler widthcm47474747
Depth of body with high fluecm72727272
Body heightcm151151151151
Height of supply spigotcm128128128128
Height to the flue centrecm110110110110
Height of return spigotcm34343434

HT-tronic 900 Touch

The extensive HT-tronic® 900 Touch automations for intuitive operation of the boiler and heating system.
  • ikona POMPA
    Boiler pump
  • ikona POMPA
    DHW pump
    Mixing valve
  • ikona TERMOSTAT
  • ikona POMPA
    Mixing valve pump
  • ikona POMPA
    CH pump
    Weather-compensated control
  • ikona HT LOGIC III
    HT Logic II
  • ikona ZAPALARKA
  • ikona alarm
    WWW module
    Colour display
    Touch screen display
HT-tronic 900 Touch

Automation extension modules

HT-tronic M-Z2
  • Valve module,
  • Valve pump,
  • Mixing valve,
  • Weather-compensated control,
  • Thermostat,
HT-tronic M-BC
  • Buffer pump,
  • Circulation pump,
HT-tronic Rooms
  • Wired remote control panel with room thermostat,
HT-tronic Rooms Wireless
  • Wireless remote control panel with room thermostat,
HT-tronic TPP
  • Room thermostat – wired,
HT-tronic TPB
  • Room thermostat, wireless with weekly programme,
HT-tronic TPB – APP
  • Room thermostat with a weekly programme – directly with a wireless APP mobile application,
HT-tronic Connect
  • Internet module – operated via a web browser and mobile application,
HT-tronic OPS Lambda
  • iPell combustion optimiser with Lambda probe,