Heat pumps

Calla Verde M is a modern, inverter-operated air source heat pump that has been designed as the primary heat source for residential buildings with space cooling in summer. Calla Verde M heat pumps are the first certified units on the domestic market with refrigerant R452B, which has been produced for high-efficiency heat pumps and meets strict environmental requirements.

The use of an inverter compressor, with the latest R452B refrigerant and modern components, made it possible to achieve high COPs of up to 7.32 and SCOPs of up to 4.65 and high heating water temperatures of up to 65°C (without using an electric heater).

Calla Verde M heat pump is a device prepared as an independent, complete source of heat for newly built, but also modernized buildings with floor and radiator heating. The use of an inverter compressor with modulating capacity eliminates the need to mount a buffer tank, which materially curbs the cost of heat source fitting and saves space. Calla Verde M pump together with hydraulic modules is a ready-made heating solution for the building. The performance of the pump is confirmed by tests carried out by a certified research institute.

Characteristics of CALLA VERDE M heat pump unit with indoor modules:

  • The pump is equipped with a modern Copeland ScrollTM inverter compressor with variable speed and high modulation of heating power.
  • Large colour touchscreen display.
  • Service via the Internet.
  • The entire heating system can be controlled.
  • Optimum weather-compensated control.
  • Cooperation with photovoltaic system.
  • Wide operating temperature range.
  • Infinitely variable electronic water circulating pump.
  • Magnetic dirt separator.
  • Electric heater with graduated operation 3, 6, 9 kW.
  • Heating water flow meter.
  • Safety group CH.
  • Very high COP coefficients.
  • Very quiet operation achieved by using a large modern EC fan.
  • Inverter heat recovery.
  • Heated lower part of the evaporator with refrigerant – prevents the drip tray from freezing.
  • Full diagnostics in the automation of individual heat pump components.
  • Can operate at very low heating water temperature.
  • Modern design.
  • Indoor unit construction made of galvanised steel, powder-coated casing.
  • External unit construction made of aluminium, casing powder-coated.
  • Heat pump performance parameters confirmed by a certified European institute.