Boilers for eco-pea coal

Modern eco-pea coal boilers

Progressive environmental pollution requires everyone to change their thinking and behaviour. The changes should start with the use of modern heating systems. Modern feeding boilers are one of the solutions for environmental protection. They are based on the Heiztechnik flame heat exchanger, which has a high heat exchange efficiency.

Depending on the model, the eco-pea coal boilers are available in different heating power variants so that they can be easily adapted to the heated rooms. They are equipped with HT-tronic® 700 weather-compensated control system which adjusts operating parameters and heating power to fuel type and temperature. It controls the temperature of valves in the system in weather mode and enables the connection of room thermostats. Hence, the amount of energy required for heating is continuously controlled.

How does an eco-pea coal oven work.

The boilers are equipped with an automatic burner, which is located in the combustion chamber at the bottom of the oven. Fuel is fed to the rotary hearth by a feeder, where it is burnt, and the ash automatically falls from the hearth. The fuel accumulated in the hopper ensures automatic operation of the furnace even for several days. Automatic boilers with eco-pea coal do not require permanent supervision and this function is performed by the automatic control system.

Each boiler model has an elegant design and the electronic components have been aesthetically integrated into the unit.

Heiztechnik automatic coal boilers are highly efficient, ecological, economical and aesthetic devices. It is an investment with a high rate of return. They meet the standards of the 5th environmental protection class established by the PN-EN 303-5:2012 standard and ECO DESIGN regulations.