Find out why as an fitter you can trust the Heiztechnik brand

Why Heiztechnik?

The choice of heating appliance depends on the design of the building and the type of heating it requires. Our extensive product range includes heat pumps, automatic pellet and coal-fired boilers as well as biomass boilers. The boilers can be individually retrofitted and extended with additional modules. This enables them to be ideally matched to the requirements of the building in question. All heating appliances are manufactured in compliance with the effective legislation.

to the needs of the building

We deliver a wide range of heating equipment: heat pumps, pellet and biomass boilers and coal-fired automatic units. They differ mainly in the type of fuel, size, appearance and functionality. Thanks to such a wide range, they can be tailored to individual user needs.

Ecological boilers
Class 5 and Ecodesign compliant

Heiztechnik boilers are adjusted to all restrictive legislation, meeting the requirements of high efficiency of operation with low emissions. These are heating devices that meet the requirements of the 5th class and EcoDesign, which emit 90% less pollutants as compared to unclassified boilers of other, and respectively they are included in the list of devices to be subsidized in the support programmes CLEAN AIR AND THERMOMODERNIZATION.

Simple boilers
in fitting and operation

Heiztechnik boilers are modern devices with intuitive and simple operation. The hydraulic module used in them makes fitting easy and quick. Moreover, each model is equipped with weather-compensated automatics with HT-Logic III autocontrol, for easy start-up and comfortable and economic operation. Heiztechnik boilers are adapted for fitting in a closed system. The boilers’ automatics may be retrofitted with additional control modules and expanded with the tailor-made heating systems.

A buoyant development path for our technologies

For 10 years Heiztechnik has been a forerunner and leader on the Polish market of heating devices in the field of modern solutions ensuring the highest quality, utility and aesthetic standards and exceeding restrictive, pro-ecological legislation at home and all over Europe.