5th class pellet boiler

Pellet boiler ONE BASIC is a modern compact boiler with small dimensions. Weather automatics with Lambda probe and HT-Logic III autoregulation for smooth and user-friendly operation. It is equipped with a burner with automatic cleaning and a return protection pump.

The boiler structure is based on a vertical flame tube heat exchanger with a mechanical exchanger cleaning system. Burning is performed by a self-cleaning, automatic drop-in burner with an openable floor, equipped with an igniter, a photoelement and a thermocouple. The boiler is equipped with an exhaust fan which aerates the combustion process and improves the flue draught.

The boiler and heating system is controlled by HT – Tronik 900 weather controller which controls the operation of 4 pumps and a mixing valve actuator. The automatics can be expanded by connecting additional modules. The controller is compatible with a remote control panel, 2 room thermostats and an internet module. It is equipped with HT-Logic III autocontrol which controls the operation of the burner, selects the operating parameters and modulates power depending on the boiler temperature.

Operates in iPell R combustion optimisation standard with HT-tronic Lambda module. The optimisation system with a probe guarantees the highest combustion quality.

The boiler is protected by a return protection pump with temperature sensor. It is suitable for fitting in a closed system in accordance with applicable legislation.

Rated powerkW8111520
Power rangekW2-84-115-156-20
Max. working temperatureoC85858585
Water capacityL32326060
Maximum operating pressureBar3333
Min. flue draughtPa10121416
Technological connectionGZ 1″GZ 1″GZ 1″GZ 1″
Flue connectionmm120120120120
Boiler weightkg225231314324
Tank volumedm38080130130
Volume of fuel tank with extensiondm3200200230230
Boiler widthcm57,557,57070
Boiler depthcm66667676
Body heightcm125125140140
Height of body with extensioncm175175175175
Height to flue centrecm10101010

HT-tronic 900

Controller for pellet boilers. This controller is an accessory for HT DasPell GL, MaxPell GL and MaxPell boilers.
  • ikona POMPA
    Boiler pump
  • ikona POMPA
    CH pump
  • ikona POMPA
    DHW pump
  • ikona POMPA
    Mixing valve pump
    Mixing valve
    Weather-compensated control
  • ikona TERMOSTAT
  • ikona HT LOGIC III
    HT Logic II
  • ikona ZAPALARKA
  • ikona alarm
    WWW module
HT tronic 900

Automation extension modules

HT-tronic M-Z2
  • Valve module,
  • Valve pump,
  • Mixing valve,
  • Weather-compensated control,
  • Thermostat,
HT-tronic M-BC
  • Buffer pump,
  • Circulation pump,
HT-tronic Rooms
  • Wired remote control panel with room thermostat,
HT-tronic Rooms Wireless
  • Wireless remote control panel with room thermostat,
HT-tronic TPP
  • Room thermostat – wired,
HT-tronic TPB
  • Room thermostat, wireless with weekly programme,
HT-tronic TPB – APP
  • Room thermostat with a weekly programme – directly with a wireless APP mobile application,
HT-tronic Connect
  • Internet module – operated via a web browser and mobile application,