The pump is designed for space heating and cooling as well as producing DHW in an integrated hopper. The compressor with the refrigeration system is located in the external unit. The indoor unit has an automatic control of the pump and hydraulic system. Hydraulic section includes: 1 direct CH circuit, 1 DHW circuit with 250/275L tank, electronic circulating pump, CH/CWU switching valve, heating water flow meter, heater contactors, 3-9 kW heater unit, magnetic dirt separator, CO safety group (3bar non-return valve, 12L membrane vessel, CO pressure gauge). The scope of delivery includes: a room temperature sensor and a 3/4″ differential pressure relief valve (to be fitted by a technician).


CALLA VERDE M with hydrobox hanging Style
CALLA VERDE M 5 + ComfortCVM050C11
CALLA VERDE M 7 + ComfortCVM070C11
CALLA VERDE M 9 + ComfortCVM090C11
CALLA VERDE M 12 + ComfortCVM120C12
CALLA VERDE M 14 + ComfortCVM140C12
CALLA VERDE M 16 + ComfortCVM160C12
CALLA VERDE M 18 + ComfortCVM180C12
CALLA VERDE M 20 + ComfortCVM200C12
Anti-freeze valveCVA201
Outdoor temperature sensor NTCCVA301
Outdoor temperature sensor KTYCVA302
Internal temperature sensorCVA303
DHW temperature sensor (5 mb)CVA304
Touch sensor KTY81CVA310
Outdoor unit stand 5 – 7 kWCVA102
Outdoor unit stand 9 – 12 kWCVA101
CH/CWU diverter valve 1‘ 230VCVA202
Zone valve DN 25 NC (up to 12 kW)CVA203
Zone valve DN 32 NC (up to 20 kW)CVA204
Automatic inlet valve 0.3 – 4 bar 1/2″ with pressure gaugeCVA205
Silicone heating cable – 2 mbCVA306
Silicone heating cable – 4 mbCVA308
Silicone heating cable – 6 mbCVA309
Magnesium anode – comfort S (250l)CVA206
Magnesium anode – comfort M (275l)CVA207
Titanium anodeCVA209
  • scroll
    Copeland Scroll TM inverter compressor with wide power modulation
  • czynnik chlodzacy R452B 1
    R452B low GWP refrigerant
    Colour touch screen display
  • fotowoltaika
    Cooperation with photovoltaic system
  • skuteczna praca 25stopni
    Effective at -25°C
  • mozliwosc 65stopni
    Up to 65°C heating water possible
  • niskie temperatury
    Can operate at low heating water temperatures
  • grzalka
    Heater 3 – 6 – 9 kW with automatic power graduation
  • filtr
    Magnetic dirt separator
  • zbiornik cwu
    DHW tank