Boiler for burning straw in bales - cubes

Boiler for burning straw in bales - cubes

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The Q PLUS AGRO straw burning boiler is a medium capacity boiler. It is designed for burning straw bales. The boiler is equipped with HT tronic 251 control unit with an additional flue gas temperature sensor and buffer pump control.

Appropriate aeration of the combustion chamber using secondary air ensures effective combustion of fast-gasifying straw while maintaining appropriate combustion parameters. The use of modulating blower fans makes it easy to control the combustion quality.

Naturally, a heat buffer of approx. 2 m3 for each 50 kW of boiler capacity must be used in every heating system with a straw-fired boiler. The selection of the size of the heat buffer capacity should be made by the installation company in consultation with the planner.

The boiler is equipped with HT-tronic 251 control unit adapted for AGRO boiler with additional flue gas sensor and outputs for buffer pump and central heating circulation pump.

Rated power kW 110
Power range kW 50-110
Max. working temperature oC 85
Water capacity L 610
Minimum flue draught Pa 30
Technological connection 2 1/2
Flue connection mm 250
Boiler weight kg 1850
Burner capacity dm3 1150
Boiler width cm 110
Body depth cm 212
Body height cm 180
Height to flue centre cm 154
Height of return spigot cm 35
Burner width cm 90
Burner height cm 98
Burner depth cm 167
Loading opening height cm 51

HT-tronic 251

Weather-compensated controller for boilers burning non-wood biomass. This controller is an accessory for Q PULS AGRO and Q PLUS AGRO B boilers.
  • ikona POMPA
    Boiler pump
  • ikona POMPA
    CH pump
  • ikona POMPA
    DHW pump
  • ikona POMPA
    Mixing valve pump
  • ikona POMPA
    Buffer pump
    Mixing valve
    Weather-compensated control
  • ikona TERMOSTAT
    Colour display
    Firing up program
    Modulated boiler operation
HT tronic 251

Automation extension modules

HT-tronic M-Z2
  • Valve module,
  • Valve pump,
  • Mixing valve,
  • Weather-compensated control,
  • Thermostat,
HT-tronic TPP
  • Room thermostat – wired,
HT-tronic TPB
  • Room thermostat, wireless with weekly programme,
HT-tronic TPB – APP
  • Room thermostat with a weekly programme – directly with a wireless APP mobile application,
HT-tronic Connect
  • Internet module – operated via a web browser and mobile application,