Room thermostat

Remote control panel with room thermostat

HT-Tronic Rooms (wired) / HT-Tronic Rooms Wireless (wireless)

HT-Tronic Rooms is a wired device. It serves as a remote panel to manage the temperature of the boiler, HUW, buffer and mixing valves. It communicates the amount of fuel in the tank and irregularities in the combustion process. It may help you change the basic operational parameters of the heating system. It allows you to stop and start the operation of pellet boilers.

Panel for HT-tronic Rooms has several functions which materially enhance the comfort of operating the heating system and adjusting the temperature in the controlled room. It is a modern room thermostat equipped with a large LCD display and intuitive user interface. It has a number of functionalities that allow you to set and control the temperature in a selected room. To enhance user experience, one of several predefined modes may be used, such as Constant, Holiday, Economical, Ventilation and time zones, which will automatically adjust the temperature to the individual needs of occupants.

HT-tronic Wireless is the wireless version of HT-tronic Rooms.